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Fire and smoke protection
Fire damper actuators
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Smoke control
BLE (15 Nm/ < 30s)
BE (40 Nm/ < 60 s)
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Communication and Power Supply Unit
 Communication and control
 power supply unit

The product may differ from the illustration

Communication and power supply unit
for fire damper actuators 24 V with connector
Communication MP-Bus
Integrated status LED
Connection with power supply for a smoke switch
Power supply AC 230 V

Only available through manufacturers
of fire protection dampers

PDF Data Sheets Gateways Accessories Suitable Actuators BIM Plug-in Download
Legal disclaimer and safety notes CE Declaration of Conformity
PDF Data Sheets for BKN230-24MP Send PDFs for other items
Technical data, wiring diagram, dimensions (PDF - 494 kb) Send Data Sheet
Introduction to MP-Bus Technology (PDF - 2,761 kb) Send Data Sheet
MP Cooperation Partner (PDF - 229 kb) Send Data Sheet

UK24BAC Gateway MP to BACnet MS/TP
AC/DC 24 V
UK24MOD Gateway MP to Modbus RTU
AC/DC 24 V

Accessories for BKN230-24MP
BAT72   Thermoelectrical tripping device
AC/DC 24…48 V, cable 1 m
Duct inside temperature 72 °C (colour black)
Duct outside temperature 72 °C
Probe length 65 mm

ZN230-24   Plug-in power supply unit for MFT-C
Input voltage AC 230 V
Output voltage AC 24 V / 14 VA

ZTH EU   Service tool for parameterisable and communicative
Belimo actuators / VAV controller and HVAC performance device.
Integral MP level converter (ZIP)
Incl. connecting cable ZK1-GEN, and USB-cable

Suitable Actuators
BF24TL-TN-ST Fire damper actuator 90°
18 Nm/12 Nm, <120 s/16 s (Motor/Fail-safe)
BF24TL-TN-ST-2 Fire damper actuator 90°
18 Nm/12 Nm, <120 s/16 s (Motor/Fail-safe)
BFG24TL-TN-2-ST-12 Fire damper actuator 180°
11 Nm/8.5 Nm, <120 s/20 s (Motor/Fail-safe)
BFG24TL-TN-ST Fire damper actuator 180°
11 Nm/8.5 Nm, <120 s/20 s (Motor/Fail-safe)

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